Video Analysis

Video Analysis from Ryan Pemble

Recent tech developments have created new opportunities for coaches and students in the field of video analysis. It is now possible for students to send video taken from a smartphone, tablet, or other video device to the coach for assessment and professional guidance. The coach can record an audio commentary on top of the video, replaying and analysing the swing for instance, measuring angles and styles, and even providing on-screen graphics to augment the learning experience. An example of this is shown below:

£50 per video analysis.
Email your video with request to:
We email you a confirmation that the video is suitable, and our bank details. Once we receive your payment we email your video analysis back to you.

Two examples will display here shortly

Here Ryan has identified the player is bending his arm at the elbow as he hits the ball and this causes the ball to travel at an angle instead of straight ahead. (Awaiting video)


In this clip Ryan has identified a problem with the player’s riding position and half seat when he is about to hit the ball. Ryan has drawn a graphic onto the vedeo clip to show the player the position he should be in. (Awaiting video)