Most Valuable Players

Most Valuable Players.

The World Polo Tour, the international ranking of polo, announced the MVPs awards for February and March. Each player is ranked according to their performance in the main tournaments around the world during the course of the year. Points are accumulated and prizes are awarded to each month’s best player and to the overall best player of the year. In 2016 the Pro Annual Award went to Adolfo Cambiaso, and the Amateur Annual Award went to Michael Bickford.

With the British Summer Polo Season about to start we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the current rankings.

The players awarded in February are the following:

MVP Pro: Octavio Olmedo (winner of the Julius Baer Gold Cup, with Zedan, in Dubai)
MVP Amateur: Habtoor Al Habtoor (runner up of the Subsidiary Bentley Cup, in Dubai, with Wolves)
Pick of the Month: Tariq Al Habtoor (Mahra Polo Team)

With regards to March, these players have been awarded:

MVP Pro: Matias Torres Zavaleta (winner of the USPA Gold Cup, with Valiente, in Palm Beach)
MVP Amateur: Alfredo Vargas (winner of the 22-goal Copa de Oro de 22 goles, in Dominican Republic with Lechuza Caracas)
Pick of the Month: Tolito Fernández Ocampo (winner of the 12-goal Copa de Oro de 12 goles, in Dominican Republic, with Pitirri El Palenque)

There are some new and interesting changes within the ranking. Pelon Stirling, currently playing in Dominican Republic, is already in the Top-5; he went from sixth to fifth place. And there are two players who entered the Top-10 for the first time: Julián de Lusarreta, whose great performance with Coca Cola in Palm Beach took him from place 11th to 9th, and Diego Cavanagh, winner of the CV Whitney Cup and the USPA Gold Cup, with Valiente, who went from 17th position to 10th position.

In Britain games that contribute towards player rankings during the summer polo season are:

The Queen Mother Centenary Cup, Guards Polo Club, England, 14/05/2017. (WPT Challenge Cup)
Duke of Sutherland, Cowdray Park PC, 04/06/2017. (WPT Challenge Cup)
Prince of Wales Trophy, Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club, England, 10/06/2017. (WPT Challenge Cup)
Queen’s Cup, Guards Polo Club, England, 11/06/2017. (WPT Championship Cup)
Warwickshire Cup, Cirencester Park Polo Club, England, 18/06/2017. (WPT Cup)
Royal Windsor, Guards Polo Club, England, 18/06/2017. (WPT Challenge Cup)
Indian Empire Shield Trophy, Coworth Park PC,UK, 25/06/2017. (WPT Challenge Cup)
Archie David, Guards PC, UK, 25/06/2017. (WPT Challenge Cup)
British Open, Cowdray Park Polo Club, England, 16/07/2017. (Grand Slam)
Harrison Cup, Cowdray Park PC, UK, 29/07/2017. (WPT Challenge Cup)
Holden White, Cowdray Park PC, UK, 30/07/2017. (WPT Challenge Cup)
Challenge Cup, Cowdray Park Polo Club, UK, 05/08/2017. (WPT Challenge Cup)
Duke of Wellington, Guards Polo Club, England, 13/08/2017. (WPT Challenge Cup)

Current top twenty ranking:

#   Name                                      Nationality                      Points             Status
1    Cambiaso, Adolfo                  Argentina                         1232                Professional
2    Pieres, Facundo                     Argentina                           970                Professional
3    Nero, Juan Martin                Argentina                           942                Professional
4    Mac Donough, Pablo           Argentina                           818                Professional
5    Stirling Jr., David                  Uruguay                              754                Professional
6    Pieres Jr., Gonzalo                Argentina                           746                Professional
7    Pieres, Nicolas                        Argentina                          623                Professional
8    Pieres, Pablo                           United States                     543               Professional
9    de lusarreta, Julian               Argentina                           439                Professional
10  Cavanagh, Diego Tomas        Argentina                           436               Professional
11  Taranco, Alejo                        Uruguay                              426               Professional
12  Caset Jr., Guillermo                Argentina                           395               Professional
13  Ulloa, Hilario                         Argentina                           385               Professional
14  Al Bwardi, Rashid                 United Arab Emirates          370               Amateur
15  Sola, Facundo                         Argentina                           365               Professional
16  Andrade, Rodrigo                  Brazil                                    363              Professional
17  Merlos, Agustin                     Argentina                            353               Professional
18  Laprida Jr., Cristian              Argentina                            345               Professional
19  Jornayvaz, Bob                      United States                      339               Amateur
20  Monteverde, Lucas               Argentina                            317               Professional

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