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  • Fitness-Walking

    Warming up for Polo

    Warming up for Polo. Sport science has come on so much in the last two years, let alone the last decade, so it’s time to get your polo warm up preparations up to date. Before we start with exercises and dictating to you what you should do, let’s look at why you shouldn’t dismiss warm […]

  • WellingtonSUPA

    A SUPA June

    A SUPA June. Training of the schools and university polo teams moves onto grass this month. The teams that are members of the Schools and Universities Polo Association (SUPA) need to prepare and put in the practice to be ready for a busy calendar of competitions that are scheduled for June. The teams from Wellington College have two months […]

  • Fitness_presses

    Pre-season Fitness

    Pre-season Fitness. It’s that time again! The horses are in and going through their fitness regime in preparation for the start of the summer season. It’s time for you to do the same. Here are five simple exercises to work through to help you get your body ready. Perform as many reps of each exercise as possible for 60 […]

  • Winston Squires

    Staying Physical

    Staying Physical. Winston Squires is fitness instructor and trainer to the England polo squad. For ten years he has managed the exercise programmes of the players, working to reduce injuries by keeping the player’s bodies at a good level of physical fitness. Here he outlines what polo players should be looking to do in the off-season. Exercises in the off-season  […]

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    Polo in Sotogrande

    Polo in Sotogrande. Sotogrande in Southern Spain enjoys almost year-round sunshine, allowing polo to be played most of the year. It is the perfect alternative to taking a ‘long-haul’ flight to far away polo destinations. You can leave the cold Northern European winter behind and be in Sotogrande in a little over two hours! Polo was first played in […]

  • Stretching

    Maintaining Fitness

    Maintaining Fitness. With the summer polo season coming to an end in the UK most of us take a break from riding and polo before the winter season begins. However it is important to maintain a reasonable level of fitness during this period. Also many play a lot less during the winter, maybe only weekends, […]

  • horese-and-man

    Exercises to Ride

    Exercises to Ride. The following exercises may help improve the balance and muscle tone you need to ride a horse safely. 1. Sartorius Riding Muscle Sit on your butt in a chair that has wheels, like an office chair, and put a basketball between your knees. Now try rolling the chair across the room using […]

  • Thoroughbred

    Racehorses for Polo

    Racehorses for Polo. The retraining of racehorses for polo is not for the inexperienced. Horses that are leaving racing can be as young as 2 years old and far from fully grown. It takes a good eye and equine knowledge to spot a horse that has the potential to become a good polo pony and […]

  • Exerciseball

    Breaking Bad Habits

    Breaking Bad Habits. Do you sometimes say to yourself “I can’t do that shot” or “I really need to come and ride or stick and ball”? Being away from this sport for too long can be detrimental at all levels. Whether you are a pro or an amateur, a big pause or break in your polo can affect […]

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    No ‘I’ in Polo Team

    No ‘I’ in Polo Team. We often talk about what makes a good polo player, admiring the skills of the top players. Consequently we take lessons to improve ourselves as an individual. We work on our physical fitness, strength, flexibility, riding skills, nerve, anticipation and keeping a cool head under pressure, alongside ball and hitting skill. All of the aforementioned […]

  • poloPonyBW

    Starting-up Polo

    Starting-up Polo. If you want to take up polo you are probably wondering what it is like and if it’s difficult? Well learning polo from scratch, if you haven’t ridden before or only a little, is very similar to learning to drive. You’ve seen and sat in cars before, but not in the driving seat. Your driving instructor […]

  • Fitness-stretching

    Back in the Saddle?

    Getting Back in the Saddle? It’s time for a pre-season reminder about fitness for those of you that have had a break from polo over the winter. Starting with some exercise, rather than jumping straight back on a pony, will mean a lot less pain. Polo fitness is important for everyone, no matter what handicap or […]