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  • Arena Rules

    Arena Rule Changes

    Arena Rule Changes. With the arena polo now well underway how aware are you of the rule changes that have been made since last season? Let’s take a look and make sure you don’t get caught out. In a Penalty 4 one of the fouling team is allowed to be in front of the hitter […]

  • Helmet2018

    2018 Helmet Rule

    2018 Helmet Rule. Back in the Spring of 2016 a comprehensive review on safety helmets was carried out and the HPA Stewards approved a future amendment to the Protective Equipment rules (Rule 2.3b of the HPA’s 2016 Rules and Regulations). As of January 1, 2018, all players shall wear a helmet that is Kite Marked […]

  • AAP

    Argentine Rules

    Argentine Rules. With the Argentine season fast approaching and the fixture list now confirmed there is also the news of important rule changes that will be implemented with the aim of making the game more attractive. Some rules will be on trial, while others have come to stay for the Argentine game. It will be interesting to […]

  • Peter-Wright

    Umpiring Changes High-Goal

    Umpiring Changes High-Goal. Changes to the way high-goal polo matches were umpired this summer in England had a positive impact on the 2016 high-goal season. This might even be a turning point for polo worldwide. In the winter of 2015/16, the HPA made the decision to reduce the number of high-goal umpires for the season. The number […]

  • poloPonyBW

    Starting-up Polo

    Starting-up Polo. If you want to take up polo you are probably wondering what it is like and if it’s difficult? Well learning polo from scratch, if you haven’t ridden before or only a little, is very similar to learning to drive. You’ve seen and sat in cars before, but not in the driving seat. Your driving instructor […]

  • RuleBook2016_1

    Unified Polo Rules

    Unified Polo Rules The FIP, AAP, USPA and HPA have resolved rule differences and the HPA have announced that a Worldwide Unified Rules Book will be published this year. The big four governing bodies in polo, The Federation of International Polo, The Argentine Polo Association, The United States Polo Association and our own governing body The […]