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  • Fitness-Walking

    Warming up for Polo

    Warming up for Polo. Sport science has come on so much in the last two years, let alone the last decade, so it’s time to get your polo warm up preparations up to date. Before we start with exercises and dictating to you what you should do, let’s look at why you shouldn’t dismiss warm […]

  • Winston Squires

    Staying Physical

    Staying Physical. Winston Squires is fitness instructor and trainer to the England polo squad. For ten years he has managed the exercise programmes of the players, working to reduce injuries by keeping the player’s bodies at a good level of physical fitness. Here he outlines what polo players should be looking to do in the off-season. Exercises in the off-season  […]

  • Stretching

    Maintaining Fitness

    Maintaining Fitness. With the summer polo season coming to an end in the UK most of us take a break from riding and polo before the winter season begins. However it is important to maintain a reasonable level of fitness during this period. Also many play a lot less during the winter, maybe only weekends, […]

  • Therapies

    Horse Therapies

    Horse Therapies – Alternative holistic treatment. We don’t always go to the doctor when we have an ache or pain, often preferring a sports massage or paying a visit to the chiropractor. Similarly there are alternative therapies available for horses that can be used in conjunction with veterinary advice. Many horse owners now utilize the alternative therapies […]