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  • Goudkuil

    Polo from a Female Perspective

    Polo from a Female Perspective. This week we take a look at polo through the eyes of one of the UK’s top female amateur players, Charlene Goudkuil. Goudkuil, 27, at zero goals is one of the new generation of polo player: female, self-funded, committed and an amateur. “Once I’d had my first lesson I was totally hooked […]

  • horse-passport

    Equine Passports

    Equine Passports. All equines in the UK are required to have a passport by law which identifies the animal, states whether or not it is intended for human consumption and shows the current owner. At the beginning of this year DEFRA introduced stricter regulations for horse passports (Commission Regulation EC 262/2015). The HPA remains the […]

  • horese-and-man

    Exercises to Ride

    Exercises to Ride. The following exercises may help improve the balance and muscle tone you need to ride a horse safely. 1. Sartorius Riding Muscle Sit on your butt in a chair that has wheels, like an office chair, and put a basketball between your knees. Now try rolling the chair across the room using […]

  • Thoroughbred

    Racehorses for Polo

    Racehorses for Polo. The retraining of racehorses for polo is not for the inexperienced. Horses that are leaving racing can be as young as 2 years old and far from fully grown. It takes a good eye and equine knowledge to spot a horse that has the potential to become a good polo pony and […]

  • Passport

    Pony Passports

    Pony Passports. HPA issue new instructions inline with DEFRA. On 1 January 2016 DEFRA introduced stricter regulations for horse passports (Commission Regulation EC 262/2015). Horse passports can now only be issued where the silhouette (markings) has been completed by a vet, and the passport has to be completed on security watermarked paper. The HPA have […]