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    New High Goal Talent

    New Talent Coming for High Goal Polo. Antony Fanshawe, polo manager at Guards Polo Club, recently revealed his thoughts about how high goal polo in the UK could be about to change for the better.  Antony believes that if English polo and patrons were to sign up some of the young Argentine players for the high goal it could […]

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    Woodd Interview

    David Woodd Interview. Following the Telegraph’s interview with Antony Fanshawe (Guard’s Manager Interview) which we published at the beginning of September, the Telegraph have spoken to David Woodd about his thoughts on the 2015 season. David Woodd, the CEO of the Hurlingham Polo Association, believes the departure of Audi as three-tier sponsors in English polo was the lowest […]

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    Guards’ Manager Interview

    Guards’ Manager Interview. At the end of his first summer as Polo Manager at Guards, Antony Fanshawe reflects on the high goal season in the UK. In an interview with the Telegraph last month Fanshawe talked about his belief that the number of ponies being used in high goal polo might be “ruining the game” and that the […]