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  • TheArenaGoldCup2016

    UK Arena Action

    UK Arena Action. This week we take a look at the ‘8-goal and above’ tournaments that will be taking place over November, December and January. Maybe you’ll put one or two in your diary and venture out, despite the inevitable cold weather, for a quick polo fix! Sat 04 November 2017 to Sun 05 November […]

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    Simon Holley Trophy

    Simon Holley Trophy. The 10-goal Simon Holley Trophy final at RCBPC was played on Sunday morning (25/06) at 11am. Playing in the final were the Polo Performance team which comprised of Ryan Pemble and Federico Boudou both playing off 5-goals, with Heiko Voelker and Jonnie Hare both playing off 0-goals. They were up against Sara Hale’s […]