SUPA fixtures

SUPA arena fixtures.

The Schools and Universities Polo Association have two fixtures remaining for this year. 

6 December, the Varsity Match between UWE and Exeter. Held at Druids Lodge.
9 December, the Christmas University Tournament. Held at Druids Lodge.
The University League is ongoing with the finals being played for the Exeter Cup scheduled for 11 March 2016 at Druids Lodge.

In the new year three further Varsity Matches are scheduled for UWE to play Bristol on 30 January, Southampton on 6 February, and London on 27 February all at Druids Lodge.

The popular University Nationals take place from 11 February to 14 February at Rugby. The Tournament Organiser is Nigel Mercer.

The winter season closes in March with two further tournaments:
The Easter University Tournament held at Druids Lodge on 9 March and the SUPA Tri-Nations.
The annual Tri-Nations tournament hosted by SUPA Ireland will again be played at Polo Wicklow and feature SUPA-Scotland, SUPA-England and SUPA-Ireland on 17-19 March. Dr. Tom Branigan of RCSI is Tournament Organiser and will be assisted by James Kennedy, SUPA Trustee and Steward. Last year SUPA-England ran out winners in what is always a wonderful competition.

The Ryan Pemble Polo Academy coaches schools and universities that have polo in their curriculum and take part in SUPA organised events.