Pony Passports

Pony Passports.

HPA issue new instructions inline with DEFRA.

On 1 January 2016 DEFRA introduced stricter regulations for horse passports (Commission Regulation EC 262/2015). Horse passports can now only be issued where the silhouette (markings) has been completed by a vet, and the passport has to be completed on security watermarked paper. The HPA have therefore chosen to outsource the physical production of the passports, and have also had to make changes to the information required in order to be able to issue a passport. The HPA remains the DEFRA recognised Passport Issuing Organisation for polo ponies.

From 1 January 2016, the HPA can only accept the new application form which can be downloaded from the HPA website. Other application forms will no longer be accepted. Passports cannot be issued unless every section is completed in full and must include:

  • Valid email address
  • Microchip number (if born after 2009)
  • Location of microchip on equine on silhouette
  • Vet stamp and signature on the silhouette page
  • Payment in full (Standard – £30, three-day turn around £60, duplicates £60, over-stamping £18, change of ownership £18, changes £12. Rates including VAT)

The HPA reiterate that due to DEFRA’s ongoing steps to regulate all Passport Issuing Organisations, all Hurlingham Polo Association blank passports that were sent out prior to 18th November 2014 are no longer valid. Passports that have been stamped by the HPA and authorised before this date will remain valid.

To apply for an HPA Passport download the Application Pack and ensure the form is completed in full and returned to the HPA. Any form that is not completed in full will be an invalid application. Please note that each passport must be assigned to a person not solely a company.

Useful web links:
http://www.hpa-polo.co.uk/ponies/passports     •     https://www.gov.uk/horse-passport/overview

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