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Polo Novels.


Polo – Probably the most well known polo novel is by Jilly Cooper OBE. This is the third of her Rutshire chronicles.

The story: We meet Ricky France-Lynch, who is moody, macho, and magnificent. He had a large crumbling estate, a nine-goal polo handicap, and a beautiful wife who was fair game for anyone with a cheque book. He also had the adoration of fourteen-year-old Perdita MacLeod. Perdita couldn’t wait to leave her dreary school and become a polo player.The polo set were ritzy, wild, and gloriously promiscuous. Perdita thought she’d get along with them very well.

But before she had time to grow up, Ricky’s life exploded into tragedy, and Perdita turned into a brat who loved only her horses – and Ricky France-Lynch.

Ricky’s obsession to win back his wife, and Perdita’s to win both Ricky and a place as a top class polo player, take the reader on a wildly exciting journey – to the estancias of Argentina, to Palm Beach and Deauville, and on to the royal polo fields of England and the glamorous pitches of California where the most heroic battle of all is destined to be fought – a match that is about far more than just the winning of a huge silver cup…


The Polo Affair is Sean Hennessy’s first novel. An avid amateur polo player himself The Polo Affair is one of the few novels ever written about the sport of polo. The game, the players, the strategies and the importance it plays in the lives of the people who love polo are an important part of the book.

The story: An Irishman moves to Mexico, falls in love with polo and the niece of a famous polo player, Fernando, his friend and patron and the owner of a large hacienda. Fernando takes David under his wing, giving him a place to stay and teaching him everything he knows about polo.

But there are forces at work that are conspiring to take Fernando’s hacienda away from him, and with it, his family, his history and his entire way of life. As David discovers the plot leading up to an important polo competition, he comes face-to-face with corruption, dirty politics, racial discrimination and plain old greed. David realizes he must believe in himself in order to achieve victory. The stakes are high, and the odds are against him in one important showdown… a winner-takes-all polo game, where He Who Dares, wins.

The Polo Affair takes place in Cancun and around the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, a place rich in culture, history and beauty.


The Polo Ground Mystery (1932) by crime writer Robin Forsythe.

The story: Mr Sutton Armadale, the financier, was shot dead on the private polo ground of his palatial home. Before expiring in his gamekeeper’s arms, he muttered the one word “murder”.

Among the suspects are Armadale’s second wife; a drunken, loud-mouthed stranger in the neighbourhood; and an irresistibly attractive ballerina. The amiable and eccentric Algernon Vereker finds the case as befuddling as a crack on the head from a polo mallet. Two witnesses were certain they heard two shots fired, yet only one spent cartridge case was found on the ground by the dead man’s body. What is the “Sutton Stakes” connection… and is a “Bombay Head” part of the solution?

The Polo Ground Mystery is a classic country house whodunit, with a sporting equestrian theme. The second of the Algernon Vereker mysteries, ‘a first-rate thriller – keeping you dancing with suspense to the end.’ Daily Herald

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