The polo mallet

The polo mallet.

You might not give much thought about your polo mallet, but it is one of your most important pieces of equipment.

Some players prefer a whippy mallet and others extra stiff, but in general a mallet should be stiff at least in the top half to three quarters of the shaft, with a little bit of flex at the tip. The mallet head should feel at one with the stick and not like something stuck on the end. A good mallet feels like an extension of the arm and not too heavy to flex from the wrist.

Two types of mallet are available: cane and fibercane. Fibercane mallets have some advantages over cane. They are sustainable and the quality is consistent, whereas canes will differ in quality and strength. Fibercane mallets can also use heavier head weights than cane mallets whilst maintaining similar overall weights.

Most players do not use heads weighing more than 205 grams with the overall weight of no more than 530 grams. Head weights range from 160 grams to 205 grams and over. The most popular length is 52” followed by 53”.

For beginners of medium build a 185-195 gram head balanced on a medium stiff shaft is probably a good mallet to start with. If you have less than average wrist strength go for a lighter head. However, if you go too light shots will become forced rather than timed. Choose a head weight which is not too tiring to use but which can help create the classical pendulum swing. Remember, it’s in the timing, let the mallet do the work!

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