Left-handed Polo Players

Left-handed Polo Players.

The rules of polo have been written around the safety of the players and their horses. Because of this it was necessary to make a rule about which hand holds the stick. This ensured players coming head on to each other would meet with their sticks and not their horses, avoiding the risk of a collision. With the majority of people being right-handed the decision was made that the stick would only ever be held in the right hand. Unfortunately this does disadvantage left-handed players.

But if you are left-handed please don’t be put off taking up the sport, Prince William wasn’t! The Duke of Cambridge, a left-handed sportsman, has nonetheless learnt to play with his right hand. He proves that if you are determined enough you can learn.

Prince William was probably driven by not wanting to be outdone by his brother, Prince Harry. Harry should always be better because he’s right handed, yet William has achieved a one goal handicap, the same as Harry.

The FIP President Nick Colquhoun-Denvers comments “It’s good for William to have it recognised that he overcame a handicap like that to be able to play up to the same standard as his brother.”

Take lessons to learn the correct technique followed by a lot of hand mallet or wooden horse practice and you should develop more right arm strength and muscle memory. After a while the muscle memory from repeatedly hitting the ball will make the swinging action feel natural to your right arm. No doubt it will take longer to achieve the same hitting strength and accuracy as a right-handed player but with practice it is possible.

Being left-handed might make it more difficult to start playing polo but with a bit of determination and practice it wont stop you enjoying the game.

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