HPA Handicap Changes

HPA Handicap Changes.

The Victor Ludorum & 22 Goal Handicaps were announced last week.

The HPA has released the Victor Ludorum and 22 goal handicap changes following the Handicap meeting on Monday 21 August. These changes are due to be ratified by Stewards after the End of Season Handicap Meeting on Friday 15 September and will be effective from 1 January 2018.

In an alteration from the 2017 season, this year’s list contains the new 22 goal Handicap ratings. This additional handicap means that certain players will be rated differently from other tournaments during the 22 goal season. This has been a topic that has caused considerable debate. Polo Times conducted a recent online poll which suggested that 63 percent of voters did not agree with the HPA’s decision to introduce this new handicap system.

The full 2018 list confirms a number of notable changes: Agustin ‘Tincho’ Merlos will join the ranks of Pablo Pieres and Guillermo Caset at 9 goals, whilst David ‘Pelon’ Stirling, previously a strong 10 goals, will be playing the 2018 season and the 22 Goal also off 9. After a smashing season for the young Brits, Tommy Severn and Ralph Richardson will be moved up to 3 goals whilst Hugo Taylor and Jimbo Fewster will be promoted from 1 to 2 goals. Will Harper, and brother and sister duo Ned and Milly Hine, will also see a shift to their handicap, moving to 1 goal.

English stalwarts James Beim, Jack Richardson and James Harper will join Max Charlton at 7 goals, securing their spots as the UK’s highest handicapped players, but their 22 Goal handicap will remain the same at 6 goals.

The fluctuations, both to the Victor Ludorum players and the 22 goal, will see considerable changes to team line-ups next year, perhaps providing a strong platform for another all-British line-up in the high goal. The remaining list of changes published includes a plethora of changes, both up and down. Please note though, until ratified, these handicap changes are not confirmed.

Link to the HPA’s page http://www.hpa-polo.co.uk/handicap-changes/

Photo: Agustin ‘Tincho’ Merlos will go up to 9 goals.
Article Credit: Polo Times.

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