Horse Therapies

Horse Therapies – Alternative holistic treatment.

We don’t always go to the doctor when we have an ache or pain, often preferring a sports massage or paying a visit to the chiropractor. Similarly there are alternative therapies available for horses that can be used in conjunction with veterinary advice.

Many horse owners now utilize the alternative therapies that are available to prevent problems occurring. The holistic approach to injuries and health is regarded by many as giving their animals a better way of life. There are four main holistic treatments available.

Faradic Impulse Therapy uses rhythmic muscular contraction for all strains, sprains and contusions in both humans and animals and is an ideal maintenance treatment for equine athletes aiding recovery and improving performance. Ryan’s string of ponies regularly receive this therapy as general maintenance.

Faradism can be used to treat impact-based trauma to soft tissue and muscles: ball/mallet impact, ride-off shoulder to shoulder and other field based collisions. All of these injuries lead to bruising, soreness and tight muscles and subsequent loss of form, changes in temperament, restricted movement (short gait), dipping of backs and, finally, unexplained lameness.

Faradism works by contracting muscles by using a low voltage electrical impulse. This increases blood flow to the muscles and neighbouring tissue with all the attendant beneficial physiological chemical consequences – waste tissue products are rapidly cleaned away and stagnation of the lymph, with serious sequelae, is prevented. A large supply of oxygen and nourishment is brought to the injured area. Rapid absorption of fluid extravasated blood and lymph is actively promoted. Muscle elasticity, irritability and contractibility (i.e. muscle tone) is rapidly returned to normal.

Equine Sports Therapy uses manipulation of soft tissue. Massage techniques trigger point release, lymph and fascial work.

This therapy is used to treat soreness, tightness, muscle spasms and pain in the shoulders, saddle area, lumber structures and quarters, plus the swelling and fluid retention that can result from the concussive forces from hard ground. If not treated these problems can become long-term, leaving the horse with muscle atrophy, chronic pain and a sour attitude to work.

Sports (soft tissue) therapy works to relieve muscle spasms and soreness by removing the toxins built up during work and helping to restore normal circulation to the areas involved.

SCENAR Therapy mobilizes the body’s own natural resources. The main aim of SCENAR therapy is to restore a self-healing mechanism.

SCENAR is used to treat allergies, behavioural problems, intermittent lameness, irregular action, lymphatic system or weakened immune system, mud fever, muscle atrophy from badly fitting saddles, respiratory problems, general soreness, stiffness and sweet itch, as well as new and old injuries.

The SCENAR system of natural pain relief uses a device to scan the body. Biofeedback technology reads the impulses and interprets them, determining if the area is stressed or sluggish. Clever technology stimulates an endless cascade of neuropeptides and mediators such as adrenalin, noradrenalin, serotonin and dopamine which are all natural painkillers.

McTimoney Chiropactic Therapy is a non-invasive holistic treatment that uses the chiropractor’s hands to deliver high-velocity, low-impact adjustments of any misaligned joints throughout the whole body; with special attention to the spine and pelvis.

This treatment is used for back, neck, pelvic and other musculoskeletal pains and other biochemical conditions. It results in the relief of pain and restores movement after injury.

Chiropractic works by first analyzing the spine, pelvis and other relevant joints for any misalignments or spasms in the associated muscles. The chiropractor only use their hands for analysis and treatment. The problem areas are treated with precise and quick adjustments to correct the joint fixations, which restore the neurological patterning in the body, therefore reducing muscle spasm.

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