England Qualify for Oz

England Qualify for Oz.

England has qualified for the World Polo Championship final round in Sydney.

The final playoffs in Chantilly were played simultaneously on two fields (Friday 12 May). If France lost against England, Spain had to win to qualify for the final round. Germany on the other hand could force a penalty shootout with France and Spain by winning. England’s previous wins had them at least on an eventual penalty shootout. France had to win and wait for Spain vs Germany’s result to see if they qualified directly or forced a penalty shootout.

France were winning for most of the match against England, playing fast paced polo with the help of N’Goumou and Paillol. England seemed to be playing below their possibilities, then the 4th chukker came and with it the best horse of the final, played by an even more impressive Will Lucas. Everything was decided in the last half, with England finally beating France 7-6, knocking the host country out of the competition. This result qualifies the englishmen for Sydney.

Result England-France: 7-6
England: Henry Porter 2, Mark Baldwin 3, Satnam Dhillon 5 and Will Lucas 5. Total 14 goals.
France: Julien Reynes 3, Patrick Paillol 5, Pierre N’Goumou 5 and Alexandre Sztarkman 1. Total 14 goals.

Meanwhile Spain was playing Germany on Chantilly’s field 1. Germany played fast and open polo, changing their positions for this game as Heinrich Dumrath was back in the team. Spain on the other hand tried to slow the pace a bit, making the game more favorable for their players and horses. The game was tied for the duration of the match, with Germany having a slight advantage thanks to the goal and a half awarded for the handicap difference. But Spain took the lead in the final 30 seconds when Pelayo Berazardi found himself with the ball and no opposing players in front. Spain qualifies for the final rounds in Sydney. Their last World Polo Championship was 9 years ago in Mexico 2008 when they made it to the semifinal.

Result Spain-Germany: 5-4 1/2
Spain: Mario Gomez 4, Antonio Ayesa 3, Pelayo Berazardi 5 and Jose Trenor 2. Total 14 goals.
Germany: Heinrich Dumrath 3, Max Bosch 3, Caesar Crasemann 3 and Caspar Crasemann 3. Total 12 goals.

Spain and England will be joining Australia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and USA to form seven out of the eight teams.

Other News…

Oakley Court won the Valerie Halford Memorial at Coworth Park on Saturday 13 May. The 12-goal final hosted by Guards Polo Club saw Inspirit/Kildare beaten by a 5-2 score.
Oakley Court: Mark Madhawa 0, Sebastián Hancock 2, Alejandro Muzzio 7, Hernán Muzzio 3

Gardenvale won the Tyro Cup at Cowdray on Sunday 14 May. The 12-goal final saw Emlor beaten by a 7-4 score.
Gardenvale: Shane Finemore -1, Jimbo Fewster 1, James Beim 6, James Harper 6