Polo Experience

Polo Experience

(no previous riding experience needed)

This is a 2 hour introduction lesson to the basic elements of the sport for people wishing to get their first experience of polo and want a taste of the sport.

One to one and group lesson options.

2 hour lesson £180

Your polo experience starts with:

  • 30 minute talk and introduction about the game
  • 30 minute lesson learning the basic shots on the ground
  • 30 minutes learning the control of the horse
  • 20 minutes learning to hit the ball on horseback
  • 10 minute instructional chukka

This course is designed to give the first timer a total polo experience. It is ideal for all ages and non-riders. All equipment is supplied. You need to wear outdoor clothes that are suitable for the day’s weather. Jodpurs, jeans or any other long trousers and preferably boots with a heel should be worn for riding. It’s a good idea to bring a change of clothing as you are likely to get hot and lessons will go ahead in light rain. Normally lessons will be carried out on our stick and ball field but can be taught in our outdoor arena during inclement weather.

During the introduction about the game you will be shown a dvd of some matches and talked through how the game is played, how the team is made up, and the process you would go through before you start playing in chukkas and matches.

The basic shots are all played with the right hand. Many players are left handed, but learn to adapt. The left hand is for steering the horse. This part of the course uses a hand mallet and the instructor will demonstrate each of the shots and teach you to swing the mallet, using timing and accuracy.

The second half of the lesson moves to horseback instructing you on controlling the horse using your legs and left hand. We have school ponies that are quiet, relaxed and perfectly safe for complete beginners. You will be able to practice your balance and seat, while being taught to steer, stop, and move the horse from walk towards trot.

Once those basics are established the instructor will introduce you to a full size polo stick. You will now have an opportunity to put together all the elements you have been learning and start hitting a ball while riding a pony.

The lesson will end with an instructional chukka which will introduce you to some of the plays you saw in the dvd at the beginning of the lesson.