Introduction Lessons

Introduction lessons

Designed to develop you as a rider and player, and progress you to instructional chukkas as soon as possible.

One to one and group lesson options.

1 hour lesson £125

These lessons will concentrate on covering the criteria below and progress you to instructional chukkas as soon as possible:

  • Learn 4 basic shots (forehand and backhand)
  • Learn control of horse at different speeds
  • Learn to dribble the ball
  • Learn hitting the ball at different speeds
  • Learn basic rules of the game
  • Tactics

There are four basic shots that we will concentrate on teaching you. Once you begin to master these shots you will be ready to join instructional chukkas.

There are two shots, one hitting the ball forward and one backward, to learn from either side of the pony. You will be taught how to raise yourself in the saddle, known as the half seat, so you have the flexibility to move around to hit the ball.

You will work at different speeds on the horse, learning to change the speed of its canter up and down. Once you have good control of the horse the instructor can start to add some finesse to your play, teaching you how to dribble the ball, adjusting the horses speed and direction in reaction to changes in the ball’s direction.

There will be an element of theory incorporated into these lessons. The instructor will give you an understanding of the basic rules of the game. You will learn about the ‘line of the ball’ and ‘right of way’ around which most of the game’s rules are based. The instructor will also introduce you to some of the tactics for the game, about marking, riding off and finding space.