A fast track route to pass the HPA rules test and achieve -2 handicap. These lessons are designed to help you towards playing competitive club chukkas.

One to one and group lesson options.

1 hour lesson £125

  • Improve eye to ball co-ordination
  • Play at faster speed
  • Practice and improve the four basic shots
  • Learn more advanced shots
  • Improve riding skills; stopping and turning
  • Learn to ride off an opponent
  • Learn HPA rules
  • Pass the HPA rules test and move up to a minus two handicap
  • Reach level to participate in club matches and chukkas

These lessons will work on improving your eye to ball skills and your ability to play at faster speed. Work will continue on the four basic shots. As these shots improve you will be introduced to other shots you need to learn for playing in chukkas. You will be taught the neck shot, and how to angle the forehand and back hand, resulting in ‘tail’ and ‘open’ shots. More work will be done on your riding skills, improving your ability to stop the horse and turn it sharply. You will be taught how to ride off an opponent.

The instructor will go into depth teaching you about the rules, how to avoid fouling and you will learn about team play. You will need to read the rules section of the HPA blue book but the instructor will help make this fun by working on some of the elements during your lessons. Once you and the instructor are confident you are ready you will be able to take the HPA rules test. Move up to a minus two handicap by passing the HPA rules test. Once you are rated minus two and have passed through our academy you will be allowed to participate in matches and club chukkas.