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  • Goudkuil

    Polo from a Female Perspective

    Polo from a Female Perspective. This week we take a look at polo through the eyes of one of the UK’s top female amateur players, Charlene Goudkuil. Goudkuil, 27, at zero goals is one of the new generation of polo player: female, self-funded, committed and an amateur. “Once I’d had my first lesson I was totally hooked […]

  • GayPolo

    Diversity of Polo

    Diversity of Polo. To many people polo may appear to be a very traditional sport that is stuck in a time warp going back to the age of the Empire. However, at closer inspection it is clear that the sport has moved with the times and embraces our diversity. Known as the ‘game of kings’ polo […]

  • Prince William

    Left-handed Polo Players

    Left-handed Polo Players. The rules of polo have been written around the safety of the players and their horses. Because of this it was necessary to make a rule about which hand holds the stick. This ensured players coming head on to each other would meet with their sticks and not their horses, avoiding the risk of a […]