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  • beebung-polo

    Looking Down Under…

    Looking Down Under… At the NSW Polo Association. There are over 20 polo clubs throughout New South Wales. These clubs are mostly situated along the East side of Australia from Canberra, around Sydney, up to Brisbane. Polo is played in 2 seasons in NSW: Autumn, from March through to end of May and Spring, from August to November. There […]

  • Schools_WellingtonB

    Taking Up Polo

    Taking Up Polo. I imagine if you are thinking about taking up polo you already have been to watch a game or two. During the summer polo is played on grass and the teams are made up of four players. Polo carries on in the winter but is played in an enclosed arena with teams of three. […]

  • Helmet2018

    2018 Helmet Rule

    2018 Helmet Rule. Back in the Spring of 2016 a comprehensive review on safety helmets was carried out and the HPA Stewards approved a future amendment to the Protective Equipment rules (Rule 2.3b of the HPA’s 2016 Rules and Regulations). As of January 1, 2018, all players shall wear a helmet that is Kite Marked […]