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  • ArenaLesson

    Experience Polo!

    Experience Polo! There is no time like the present to have your first experience of playing polo. You will see from previous articles the winter arena season is ideal for complete beginners to start taking lessons as the smaller enclosed area is easier for the instructor to stay close to you, and you will feel more confident […]

  • IMG_6380

    Arena Polo

    Arena Polo. With the summer season at an end polo now switches from grass to the arena. Most clubs start their winter season at the beginning of October. The arena has a different playing surface and smaller pitch size to grass polo, and the game has been adapted from the traditional sport to suit these changes. […]

  • Instruct2

    Learn to Play

    Learn to play polo. As a beginner you have been taught how to ride a horse using one hand and have been practicing hitting the ball with your mallet. You are now able to ride at a steady canter and string together some shots. You probably started with one-on-one lessons with your instructor but as you […]

  • Umpires

    HPA Rules Test

    The HPA Rules Test. Passing the rules test is part of the process of advancing from a starter (S graded polo player) to a minus two handicap. Safety in this often fast paced game is paramount and the rules have been developed to reduce the risk of collisions and accidents. It is important for players to […]