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  • Instruct1

    Experience Polo!

    Experience Polo! There is no time like the present to have your first experience of playing polo. You will see from previous articles the winter arena season is ideal for complete beginners to start taking lessons as the smaller enclosed area is easier for the instructor to stay close to you, and you will feel more confident […]

  • Schools_WellingtonB

    Taking Up Polo

    Taking Up Polo. I imagine if you are thinking about taking up polo you already have been to watch a game or two. During the summer polo is played on grass and the teams are made up of four players. Polo carries on in the winter but is played in an enclosed arena with teams of three. […]

  • WellingtonSUPA

    A SUPA June

    A SUPA June. Training of the schools and university polo teams moves onto grass this month. The teams that are members of the Schools and Universities Polo Association (SUPA) need to prepare and put in the practice to be ready for a busy calendar of competitions that are scheduled for June. The teams from Wellington College have two months […]

  • IMG_6385

    No ‘I’ in Polo Team

    No ‘I’ in Polo Team. We often talk about what makes a good polo player, admiring the skills of the top players. Consequently we take lessons to improve ourselves as an individual. We work on our physical fitness, strength, flexibility, riding skills, nerve, anticipation and keeping a cool head under pressure, alongside ball and hitting skill. All of the aforementioned […]