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  • Umpires

    HPA Rules Test

    The HPA Rules Test. Passing the rules test is part of the process of advancing from a starter (S graded polo player) to a minus two handicap. Safety in this often fast paced game is paramount and the rules have been developed to reduce the risk of collisions and accidents. It is important for players to […]

  • RyanStick&Ball

    Stick and balling

    Stick and balling. Ryan is out stick and balling, preparing for his first two tournaments of the season in which he has matches next week. Here are some short video clips of him running through some practice forehand and backhand shots.

  • Palermo_EllerstinavAguada

    Semi-finals Weekend at Palermo

    The Argentine Open. The Argentine Open reaches its semi-finals stage this weekend at Palermo. Following the matches played on Sunday and Monday (the matches on Saturday were postponed because of heavy rain in Buenos Aires) La Dolfina are looking very strong. The matches in this weekend’s semi-finals are: La Aguada v La Dolfina Ellerstina v Alegria