Argentine Open – Four Days In

Argentine Open – Four Days In.

Four days of polo have now been played in the Argentine Open, the last tournament of the Triple Crown. The tournament runs from 4 November to 2 December, in Buenos Aires. The tournament was won by La Dolfina last year, but who will come out on top this year? The scores so far:

Day one
La Irenita 14 – La Esquina Los Machitos 11
La Aguada Las Monjitas 13 – La Albertina Abu Dhabi 10

Day two
Cria Yatay 18 – Chapaleufú 8
Alegria 17 – La Dolfina Polo Ranch 12

Day three
La Dolfina 24 – La Esquina Los Machitos 6
La Aguada 12 – La Irenita 7

Day four
Ellerstina 21 – Chapaleufú 7
Alegria 14 – Cria Yatay 11

So at the end of this week of play Alegria head up the leader board having won both their opening matches. However both La Dolfina and Ellerstina have a game in hand. The only other teams to have played a second match so far are La Irenita, who are in the middle of the table having won one and lost one, and La Esquina los Machitos and Chapaleufú who are on the bottom having lost both their games.

The ten teams are divided into two divisions, with each team playing the others in their division. Once all the matches have been played the winner of division A will play the winner of division B in the Final at Palermo. There are a further twelve matches yet to be played before we arrive at the final. Two are scheduled for this afternoon (Tues 14 Nov) between La Aguada Las Monjitas and La Esquina, and La Dolfina and La Albertina Abu Dhabi. Alegria will play Chapaleufú, and Ellerstina take on La Dolfina Polo Ranch on Wednesday. The weekend will see a further four matches take place before the teams have a week’s break with no further matches ’til the following weekend.

With La Dolfina holding a team handicap of 40 goals, and Ellerstina having 39, you would anticipate the final will be between these two giants; a Cambiaso, Stirling, MacDonough and Nero battle against the Pieres team. But who knows at this early stage if Alegria or one of the lower handicapped teams can create an upset.