Probably the number one worldwide polo holiday destination must be Argentina. There are a lot of other great countries to play polo, but Argentina has got to be towards the top of the list. The British introduced the game in 1888, and the Argentines adopted the sport with a passion. Argentina is the home of the gaucho and polo suited these natural horsemen.

Today it is a must to visit Buenos Aires during the Argentine Open and experience the excitement and passion of 30,000 spectators filling the stadium in Palermo to see some of the best polo players in the world.

If you want to play polo while in Argentina you normally stay in one of the many ‘country clubs’ in the polo districts, such as Pilar or Buenos Aires. Alternatively if you want more of an Argentine flavour stay at a traditional estancia in the Cordoba hills. As well as a seemingly endless supply of horses and polo Argentina offers great expanses of grassy wilderness for riding, herding cattle, hunting and fishing. Argentina also has great wine to experience and a ‘wine trail’ makes a fun excursion. Take advantage of the Argentine leather craftsmen. Saddles, tack and boots are all great value and quality.

I’d suggest you go in a group, maybe from your club, and ask your instructor for advice on where to go. Some clubs may even organize trips. Go with friends and you’ll have a great vacation.

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