Arena Rule Changes

Arena Rule Changes.

With the arena polo now well underway how aware are you of the rule changes that have been made since last season?

Let’s take a look and make sure you don’t get caught out.

In a Penalty 4 one of the fouling team is allowed to be in front of the hitter (and must be within 5 yards of the back wall). The other two in the team must be behind (and at least 10 yards away from) the hitter.

Rule 16 – Use of the Stick. No player shall use his stick improperly or dangerously.
Examples include playing a full shot in a melee, following through under a pony’s neck when being ridden off, swinging the stick in a windmill or helicopter fashion or holding in such a way as to interfere with another player or his pony.

Be aware the rule for Hooking: No player may hook an opponent’s stick unless on the same side of the opponent’s pony as the ball, or in a direct line behind, and the stick is neither over, nor under, nor across any part of the opponent’s pony, nor between a pony’s legs. All of the stick must be in the act of hitting the ball and his stick must not be hooked or struck with excessive force. An offside backhand stroke can be hooked during the wind up of the swing when the stick is behind the player but only on that part of the stick which is below the shoulder. However, the nearside backhand may not be hooked behind the player.

Below is the link to the full set of arena rules on the HPA website:
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