2018 Helmet Rule

2018 Helmet Rule.

Back in the Spring of 2016 a comprehensive review on safety helmets was carried out and the HPA Stewards approved a future amendment to the Protective Equipment rules (Rule 2.3b of the HPA’s 2016 Rules and Regulations). As of January 1, 2018, all players shall wear a helmet that is Kite Marked and Certified to PAS 015:2011 standard as minimum.

David Woodd, HPA Chief Executive, at the time said: “We have reviewed again safety standards in polo and this new rule will align with those already in place for all other equestrian disciplines which cannot be ignored. The HPA has a duty to protect the safety of its members and to reduce the risk of even just one head injury.” After January 1, 2018, the use of helmets that do not meet the new standard will not be permitted for any HPA member playing polo in the UK and Ireland.

The HPA have now issued further information on the regulations and has produced a list of helmets that comply with the safety ruling. The official statement from the HPA is below:

“From 01 January 2018, helmets must be type approved to the standard PAS015:2011 with CE mark (type approval must be performed by a UK headquartered Noted Body for Personal Protective Equipment), SNELL E2001, VG1 01.040 2014-12, or UTAC/CRITT 04/2015.
Casablanca will be introducing a new helmet called the “NEU” which meets PAS015:2011 with a target launch date of 1st November. La Martina are also bringing out a new helmet (no name released) and testing procedures are to be conducted at the end of September. Falcon have decided not to certify their helmet.
Please note, there is a new standard, BSEN1384:2017 which has just been published. Our policy is to follow the BHA helmet standards.”

For your reference the BHA Helmet Regulations are as follows:
A skull cap is approved by the Authority if it meets PAS 015: 2011, SNELL E2001, VG1 01.040 2014-12, or UTAC/CRITT 04/2015.
The skull cap must not have a chin cup, cradle or draw lace.
The chin strap must pass under the jaw and be attached to the harness by a quick release buckle.
The skull cap must not have metal hooks.
The skull cap must be of the correct size for the Rider and must be correctly fitted and fastened.
The face harness must be correctly adjusted and the chin strap fastened at all times when the Rider is mounted on a horse.

The HPA list of approved helmets 29.08.17 (Make, model and safety standard):
Charles Owen  |  Palermo Polo  |  PAS015:2011 and VG1 01.040-2014
Charles Owen  |  Polo Edition  |  PAS015:2011 and VG1 01.040-2014
Charles Owen  |  Young Rider Polo  |  PAS015:2011 and VG1 01.040-2014
Armis  |  Armis  |  PAS015:2011 and VG1 01.040-2014
GPA  |  Speed Air/X2  |  UTAC/CRITT 04/2015
Instinct Polo  |  TBC  |  PAS015:2011
Casablanca  |  NEU  |  TBC
La Martina  |  TBC  |  TBC

Photograph: The approved polo helmet must have a three-point harness and be made in line with the updated standards.