November 2016

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  • Prince William

    Left-handed Polo Players

    Left-handed Polo Players. The rules of polo have been written around the safety of the players and their horses. Because of this it was necessary to make a rule about which hand holds the stick. This ensured players coming head on to each other would meet with their sticks and not their horses, avoiding the risk of a […]

  • Winston Squires

    Staying Physical

    Staying Physical. Winston Squires is fitness instructor and trainer to the England polo squad. For ten years he has managed the exercise programmes of the players, working to reduce injuries by keeping the player’s bodies at a good level of physical fitness. Here he outlines what polo players should be looking to do in the off-season. Exercises in the off-season  […]

  • Patron'sDubai

    Polo’s Heart & Soul

    Polo’s Heart and Soul. The president of PIPA (The Players and Instructors Polo Association) Dr Uwe Seebacher recently said that he believes patrons investing into teams – and then playing alongside the professionals – is an “individual luxury entertainment” and does nothing for the development of the global game of polo. However Seebacher is missing an important point of the game of polo […]