October 2015

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  • GuardsLogo

    Guards Polo Club

    Guards Polo Club – the great showcase for polo. The Guards Polo Club (sometimes referred to as Smith’s Lawn) is an English polo club in Windsor, Berkshire. It is the largest and most elite of its kind in Europe, and is closely associated with the British Royal Family. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has been […]

  • ArenaLesson

    Experience Polo!

    Experience Polo! There is no time like the present to have your first experience of playing polo. You will see from previous articles the winter arena season is ideal for complete beginners to start taking lessons as the smaller enclosed area is easier for the instructor to stay close to you, and you will feel more confident […]

  • PoloEquipment

    Polo Starter Kit

    Polo Starter Kit. What equipment does the beginner need when they start taking polo lessons? For your first polo lesson you don’t need to turn up in all new polo gear… a comfortable pair of jeans, footwear with a heel, and clothes for outdoor weather conditions (that allow you to strip down if you get hot) […]

  • BestPlayer

    Raising your handicap

    Raising your handicap. Although polo can be played and enjoyed at all levels, it is a difficult game to play well. A higher handicap is not awarded lightly and can only be achieved through a lot of effort and commitment; three or four years are usually required before reasonable proficiency can be achieved. After the basics of […]