September 2015

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    Mind over matter

    Mind over matter – the mental game of polo. Follow the advice of Bill Cole (a sports psychology coach) to build an unstoppable competitive mindset. Here are four mental strategies you can use that will help your mental game reach a level of excellence. Think correctly: Parse and correct this sentence.“Big, fast and strong opponents make […]

  • IMG_6380

    Arena Polo

    Arena Polo. With the summer season at an end polo now switches from grass to the arena. Most clubs start their winter season at the beginning of October. The arena has a different playing surface and smaller pitch size to grass polo, and the game has been adapted from the traditional sport to suit these changes. […]

  • PoloSpectator

    The Game of Polo

    The Game of Polo. A polo game is played between two teams with four players on each side. The members are designated as “attack” or “defense” and each has the job of furthering their own goal tally while preventing the other side from scoring. Most of the rules were established to keep the riders and […]

  • Fitness-Walking

    Trainer’s Advice

    Trainer’s Advice. Many of you will be planning a winter break to somewhere warm that will include playing polo. Although you are away on holiday you shouldn’t forget about your preparation for a game. Here’s a reminder of what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Don’t underestimate the power of sleep. It is while we are […]