August 2015

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  • Lacey_Cambiaso

    Polo Legends

    Polo Legends. Three players that deserve special recognition are: Juan Carlos Harriott. Probably considered the most successful player in Argentina ever. He played for Coronel Suárez and won the Argentine Open a record twenty times. Adolfo Cambiaso. Credited with changing the world of polo; changing the style of play. Through the Seventies and Eighties polo was very much […]

  • BeachPolo

    Sand & Snow Polo

    Sand & Snow Polo. Polo is increasingly being played on the beach, making use of a natural sand surface and beautiful setting. So how does beach polo differ from the established snow and arena polo? Put simply beach polo and snow polo are quite alike. Both tend to be held as one off annual events. They are organized […]

  • WoodenHorse

    The Wooden Horse

    The Wooden Horse. The wooden horse is a useful aid for both beginners and also established players. It can be used to practice and perfect shots by repeating them over and over to gain precision, consistency and build muscle memory. Most polo clubs have a wooden horse of some description. This may be as simple as […]

  • Argentina. Gold medal winners in 1924 Olympics, Paris.

    Polo in Olympics?

    Polo in the Olympics. Could polo make a return as an Olympic event? It is possible we could see polo played at the Olympics at some point in the future. Polo is a recognized Olympic sport, having been played at five Games to date, the final occasion being the Berlin Olympics in 1936. The Federation of International Polo […]