June 2015

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  • Personal_trainer(crop)

    Fitness for Polo

    Fitness for Polo. Why should fitness be taken more seriously in polo? Polo is just like any other physical and high contact sport and therefore necessitates at least some levels of fitness and training. Just like in any sport the higher your fitness levels, the better equipped your body is to handle the stresses and […]

  • Instruct2

    Learn to Play

    Learn to play polo. As a beginner you have been taught how to ride a horse using one hand and have been practicing hitting the ball with your mallet. You are now able to ride at a steady canter and string together some shots. You probably started with one-on-one lessons with your instructor but as you […]

  • HurlinghamClubPolo

    The Hurlingham

    The Hurlingham Club. Why does The Hurlingham Polo Association take its name from a small area of West London near Putney Bridge? Now a public park with tennis courts, a cricket ground and running track, Hurlingham Park has been reduced in size from its heyday when it was used for polo, but has recently been used again for polo […]

  • HighGoal

    Why Polo?

    Why Polo? The attraction of polo is easy to understand. From Jilly Cooper to Pretty Woman, polo has been used as shorthand to suggest a glamorous, dangerous world of sleek horses and brooding players. Traveling at speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour (37 mph), teams of four aim to drive the ball through […]

  • Umpires

    HPA Rules Test

    The HPA Rules Test. Passing the rules test is part of the process of advancing from a starter (S graded polo player) to a minus two handicap. Safety in this often fast paced game is paramount and the rules have been developed to reduce the risk of collisions and accidents. It is important for players to […]