April 2015

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  • RyanStick&Ball

    Stick and balling

    Stick and balling. Ryan is out stick and balling, preparing for his first two tournaments of the season in which he has matches next week. Here are some short video clips of him running through some practice forehand and backhand shots.

  • Ryan2013

    Summer polo begins

    Summer polo begins This weekend saw the start of the Summer Polo Season in the UK. All the main clubs put on chukkas, with most already playing on the grass following a run of fine Spring weather. The season kicks off properly on Saturday 18 April with the 6 goal Spring Tournament at Guards that runs […]

  • DJ1 Phantom Quadcopter Drone in flight

    Drones film polo

    Drones used to film polo matches From the sidelines of the polo field or even viewed on television with pictures relayed from elevated cameras, it can be hard to grasp exactly where the ball is, who has the right of way, and frequently you are far from the action. It can be quite a two dimensional experience. Binoculars […]

  • image-4

    Polo Lessons

    Starting Polo Lessons The Game Polo is played on grass during the summer with teams of four and in an enclosed arena during the winter months with teams of three. The two types are known as outdoor polo and arena polo. A polo ground is 300 yards long and 160 yards wide – roughly four […]