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  • DolfinaWin

    La Dolfina Win

    La Dolfina Win the Argentine Open, securing a triple triple. History is made in Palermo as undefeated La Dolfina just hold off rivals Ellertstina in Argentine season finale. Forty years after the great Colonel Suarez quartet won back-to-back Triple Crowns, La Dolfina lifted the gloom in Palermo on Saturday to claim an unprecedented triple and create […]

  • Therapies

    Horse Therapies

    Horse Therapies – Alternative holistic treatment. We don’t always go to the doctor when we have an ache or pain, often preferring a sports massage or paying a visit to the chiropractor. Similarly there are alternative therapies available for horses that can be used in conjunction with veterinary advice. Many horse owners now utilize the alternative therapies […]

  • SUPAlogo

    SUPA fixtures

    SUPA arena fixtures. The Schools and Universities Polo Association have two fixtures remaining for this year.  6 December, the Varsity Match between UWE and Exeter. Held at Druids Lodge. 9 December, the Christmas University Tournament. Held at Druids Lodge. The University League is ongoing with the finals being played for the Exeter Cup scheduled for 11 March 2016 […]

  • St.MoritzPoloWorldCup

    Snow Polo News

    Snow Polo News. The Cartier Trophy, St. Moritz. The Snow Polo World Cup, St. Moritz has announced the teams that are to play for The Cartier Trophy in the world-famous tournament, which runs from Friday 29 – Sunday 31 January 2016. Heading up the English team, Chris Hyde joins Nacho Gonzalez and patron Spencer McCarthy in the […]

  • ArmisHelmet

    Safer polo helmets

    Safer polo helmets. Following several accidents during polo matches last year that resulted in head injuries the protection given by the standard polo helmet came into question.  Earlier this year Robin Spicer, a Design and Technology undergraduate from Loughborough University, designed a prototype helmet that utilizes technology to produce an ‘intelligent’ polo helmet. The prototype for a safer polo helmet – complete with a built-in […]

  • DavidWoodd

    Woodd Interview

    David Woodd Interview. Following the Telegraph’s interview with Antony Fanshawe (Guard’s Manager Interview) which we published at the beginning of September, the Telegraph have spoken to David Woodd about his thoughts on the 2015 season. David Woodd, the CEO of the Hurlingham Polo Association, believes the departure of Audi as three-tier sponsors in English polo was the lowest […]

  • VoucherCropped

    Lesson Vouchers

    Polo Lesson Vouchers. Polo lesson gift vouchers are again available this year from the Polo Academy for you to buy and give as a Christmas present. The vouchers simply cost the same as the lesson and includes all the equipment needed, the horse hire and your HPA certified instructor. Our lessons are based at Fifield […]

  • GuardsLogo

    Guards Polo Club

    Guards Polo Club – the great showcase for polo. The Guards Polo Club (sometimes referred to as Smith’s Lawn) is an English polo club in Windsor, Berkshire. It is the largest and most elite of its kind in Europe, and is closely associated with the British Royal Family. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has been […]

  • ArenaLesson

    Experience Polo!

    Experience Polo! There is no time like the present to have your first experience of playing polo. You will see from previous articles the winter arena season is ideal for complete beginners to start taking lessons as the smaller enclosed area is easier for the instructor to stay close to you, and you will feel more confident […]