December 2014

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  • Polo4heroes

    Polo for charity

    Polo for charity. The amount of money raised for charity through polo is not that well publicized. The media tends to be interested in polo events because they involve the royal family. Indeed most of the events the princes participate in are for charity. But many polo professionals play a considerable amount of polo to raise money for […]

  • Thoroughbred

    Polo Ponies, part 2

    Polo Ponies, part 2. Thoroughbred racehorses can be retrained and frequently make very good polo ponies. The horses need to be from 14.2 to 16 hands high at the withers to be used for polo. Careful selection of the thoroughbred is essential. The horse needs to have a calm temperament and compact, well balanced body. […]

  • Ryan_goggles

    Eye protection

    Eye protection. Most polo players wear goggles. Often these are tinted like sunglasses to help reduce the sun’s brightness, but this is a secondary role. The primary role is to protect your eyes and eyesight. If you are new to polo you may not realize the danger of being hit in the eye by that hard […]

  • Criollo

    Polo Ponies, part 1

    Polo Ponies, part 1. The Argentine Polo Pony, as its name implies, originated in Argentina. Technically, the Argentine Polo Pony is not even a distinct breed but a variant of the Argentine Criollo. These ponies are sought after for their speed, stamina and endurance. The ideal Argentine Polo Pony has a steady gallop and is […]

  • PalermoFinal

    La Dolfina win the Argentine Open

    La Dolfina win the Argentine Open. The finals played on Saturday between La Dolfina and Ellerstina resulted in a score of 14-12, making La Dolfina winners of the 2014 Argentine Open Championship. Nothing separated the two teams in the first two chukkas, however La Dolfina nudged into the lead in the third chukka 7-5. The fourth chukka saw […]

  • Palermo_band

    Finals weekend at Palermo

    Finals weekend at Palermo. The two teams to get through to the final of the 121st Argentine Open championship are La Dolfina and Ellerstina. Saturday’s match, played between La Dolfina and La Aguada, was a close game with no more than one goal between them. That was until the sixth chukka when La Dolfina seemed to step […]

  • EarlyPolo

    Origins of Polo

    Origins of Polo. Historians have conjectured the sport originated in either Persia or amongst the Iranian tribes of Central Asia. Polo was no mere game for the Iranian horsemen; it was a way to prepare young leaders for the rigors of war. In Persia, polo flourished through the 16th and 17th centuries. The Chinese, who […]